Ain’t no place I’d rather be…

For a few years now, my friends and family have encouraged me to start a blog. Well, I have finally decided to give it a shot. I don’t really know exactly where this is going to go, so it should be fun. Of course, I plan to focus on beer and food, but I will likely touch on flyfishing, kids, the outdoors, whiskey, and who knows what else.

Don’t expect any neckbeard style beer reviews from me. I will, however, try to pass along information about special tappings, beer dinners, and new beers coming in to the market. I’m sure I will post some recipes and restaurant news, too. As a native Nashvillian, I have literally spent a lifetime building relationships with the great people of this State. I plan on using those relationships and resources to give readers a greater depth of knowledge and understanding of the foods and beverages that make Tennessee the greatest place on earth.




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