8 More Beers of Winter – TODAY

The Black Abbey’s 8 More Beers of Winter returns today at noon to Fellowship Hall (2952 Sidco Dr, Nashville, TN 37204). If you want rare beer, this may be your event. In its 3rd year, 8 More Beers of Winter will feature The Black Abbey’s beers aged in experimental barrels from Corsair Distillery.

John and Carl let me in for the Mug Club pre-party last night and I must say that the beers were excellent. I wasn’t able to taste them all, but the 5 or 6 that I did taste were very well done. Pecan Smoked Champion was outstanding and Vanilla Vodka Guy Fawkes was a perfect way to end the evening. With the recent lo grav change to 10.1% ABV here in Tennessee, The Black Abbey is now able to offer some more potent beers for the first time. They include a Belgian Dark Strong, Foreign Extra Stout, and a Belgian Strong Golden. I’ve always believed that the good people at The Black Abbey would be able to capitalize on the new ABV change. After tasting some of these beers, I’m now sure of it. Though, I know they will take a measured approach and won’t be rushing any beers to the market.

In an age where rare beers and ticks are exceedingly important to the beer geek crowd, I expect a big turn out at Fellowship Hall on this beautiful Saturday. The party goes until 8 and it is not a ticketed event. Beers will be sold by the pint. Also, growler fills will not be available today. Steaming Goat food truck will be on site with an expanded menu and they have paired all their dishes with 8 More Beers of Winter beers.

While I was at the brewery, John and I discussed the new canning line that The Black Abbey recently purchased from Destihl Brewing in Normal, IL. John drove a truck up to Illinois in late January and brought the line back to Nashville. He already has it cleaned, in place, and assembled. They are expecting to have the electrical completed this week. Hopefully, The Black Abbey will be firing up the line before the end of the month. It’s exciting to see breweries in Nashville starting to make the jump from mobile canning to purchasing their own lines. This is not a small investment, as most canning lines average around $100,000. I know there are more great things on the horizon for this burgeoning Nashville brewery. In the meantime, get over there and have a beer!



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