Su(m)p, Nashville?

St. Louis’ Perennial Artisan Ales is releasing their highly sought after Sump Coffee Stout to the Nashville market for the first time this week. Here’s how Perennial describes Sump:

“Our imperial coffee stout is made in collaboration with the devilishly handsome Scott Carey & Co. at South City’s Sump Coffee. For this year’s batch, we chose a coffee from the Cauca region of Colombia, which provides a classic coffee stout profile full of caramel, maple, and pecan.”

This beer is absolutely delicious and at 10.5% ABV, don’t expect to find it on a shelf at Kroger or at your corner bodega. Rated 96 and 100 by RateBeer and Beer Advocate, respectively, this beer probably won’t even make it to shelves. I hope you have developed a good relationship with your neighborhood liquor store or are ready to go toe to toe on the chase with whale hunters and tickers. The folks at Craft Brewed are releasing their allocation at 5PM today. You might already be too late, though!

In more accessible beer release news, Lagunitas has dropped their High West-ified Coffee Imperial Stout on Nashville, as well. I have had this beer on draft and it is outstanding. And in true Lagunitas fashion, the sub $12 six packs can’t be beat. Go getcha some, before it’s all gone.

Happy hunting!



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