Winter Epilogue at Corsair Brewstillery – Thursday 2/23

The badasses over at Corsair Beer Lab are once again joining forces with The Black Abbeychgbl for a barrel aged beer event. Winter Epilogue will take place at Corsair’s Taproom (1200 Clinton St, Nashville, Tennessee 37203) in Marathon Village on Thursday, February 23rd from 3-8PM. The Taproom will be pouring both Corsair Beer Lab and Black Abbey beers aged in barrels that once held various Corsair spirits. The winning beer from Corsair’s Pro-Am competition, a barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout, will be on draft. The Corsair tasting room will also be featuring some beer cocktails that evening, as well. It’s like 8 More Beers of Winter (sans cocktails) all over again. That’s a great thing. Black Abbey’s barrel aged beer event offered some fantastic beers.

“Remember “8 More Beers of Winter”. Corsair and Black Abbey are at it again.. This time at Corsair’s Marathon Village location.
Please join us for Corsair-barrel-aged beers from Black Abbey and Corsair Brewstillery! Try some of our Beer cocktails for a little twist! And try all the special beers as we say goodbye to Winter!”

– Emily Kendall, Corsair

Corsair’s Beer Lab program is run by former Bosco’s Hillsboro Village Brewmaster Karen Lassiter. From her days of homebrewing, to her current gig with Corsair, Karen’s beers have always been some of the finest in Nashville. If you haven’t had a chance to get down there, it’s a must visit. The Beer Lab’s beers are always interesting and often feature Corsair barrel aging or Corsair’s Bell’s Bend produced smoked malts. Frankly, I love the people over at Corsair and I look forward to sharing more of their story with you in the future on Tennessee Maltz.



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