New Farmhouse Ales from Blackberry Farm Brewery

Our friends at Blackberry Farm Brewery have released two new limited bottles to the Nashville market. King of Falling Fruit is a farmhouse ale aged in red wine barrels with Tennessee plums and peaches:

The artwork that makes up this label “King of the Falling Fruit,” serves as a reminder to open your eyes and catch opportunities.  Out of the blue at the end of the summer, we had fruit falling at our feet.  A local farmer had an overabundance of fresh peaches and plums.   Not knowing what we planned to do with the fruit, we took the opportunity.   Much like when Andrew Saftel offered to make a piece of art for a beer label   We didn’t know what it was going to be, but we knew it was an opportunity not to miss.



The second beer, 1976, is an Imperial Saison celebrating the 40 year anniversary of Blackberry Farm:

2016 marks Blackberry Farm’s 40 year anniversary. It’s a milestone that balances old and new, established and exciting, familiar and fresh—just as our farm has since the beginning. This jubilant Imperial Saison—with notes of bright citrus, spicy hops and a bone dry finish may be served immediately or cellared for later enjoyment.


And while you are looking for King of Falling Fruit and 1976, keep an eye out for Alban Farmhouse Red:

In collaboration with Alban Vineyards, this beer was aged in red wine barrels, then blended with fresh beer at bottling for tart acidity and oakiness, balanced by dark fruit and maltiness.


Bottles of this Alban Farmhouse Red have been showing up and it may be the best BFB beer to date. These beers were all allocated, so they are in limited quantities and only in select beer stores.

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