VonSeitz Theoreticales Tasting at WMWLM + GIVEAWAY – FRIDAY

West Meade Wine and Liquor Mart is hosting a beer and cheese tasting event with Von vstSeitz Theoreticales and Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese on Friday, March 3rd from 4-6 PM. Von Seitz Theoreticales is one of Tennessee’s newest craft breweries. Located in Smithville, just over an hour east of Nashville, Alex VonSteiz and Jason Lemanski are brewing on an old pilot system from our good friends at Calfkiller Brewing out of neighboring Sparta. Alex has been running the lab at Calfkiller for some time and continues to do so. However, Alex was driven to release his own series of wild, funky, and foraged ales. The Smithville area is a home away from home for me, so it’s been really exciting to see Smithville’s first craft brewery release some outstanding beers, right out of the gate. Here’s how VonSeitz Theoreticales describes themselves:

“This beer is weird we keep it weird, This beer is often bold and always changing…

our beer is a living thesis, we brew evolving ales using our own blend of scientific knowledge and reverent tradition, we are a pilot brewery at heart. using herbs and foraged additions along with yeast and bug strains isolated in our own laboratory.  We send our batch releases out into the world for those who wander.

wanderers are our people, they are the homebrewers who stay up late perfecting skills with minimal supplies, they are the hikers looking for deeper forest and longer trails,  Theoreticales is made for those who search.”

– VonSeitz Theoreticales

VonSeitz Theoreticales has already released a handful of ales that have been very well
received by the lucky few who have gotten their hands on them. Alex releases his beer in batches and the batches have been extremely small. By using herbs, foraged ingredients, andvst-bottles self isolated yeast strains, VonSeitz is doing something uniquely Tennessean. Alex’s “day job” is at a laboratory in Nashville, so he has been able to cultivate a relationship with a few, select liquor stores in the Nashville area. One of these is West Meade Wine and Liquor Mart. John Lewis at WMWLM is one of the most knowledgeable beer sellers in Nashville and has always been on top of what’s new and hard to find. There are often only a few bottles of each VonSeitz beer available, so to say they are rare would be an understatement. VonSeitz will be bringing three of their beers to WMWLM on Friday, so it’s a great opportunity to sample multiple beers from this up and coming local brewery:

Jackie Treehorne

It is a rye nut brown, dry hopped with hickory smoked hops and nuts that have been roasted,  Reduced with a passive low heat kiln toasting that brings out the walnuts, almonds and pecans. Concentrated with fresh made macerated tinctures, balancing the smoke with a candied like nuttiness. Locally sourced rye finishing it out and making this brew almost a deconstruct of TN whiskey.

Hennessey Sour

The first sour mixed fermentation beer from the brewery. This blended Brett primary with late onset lactobacillus Naturally carbonated and hopped with Polish hops that add a earthiness to the character of these multiple use barrels.
Tastes of oak, sherry and cherry notes and an amber sweetness come through the beer.

Herbal Pilsner

This Pilsner is full of herbal goodness – tarragon, sage, rosemary, green tea, mango, fig and blackberry brambles. The Herbal Pilsner compliments any spicy dish.

Both Hennessey Sour and Jackie Treehorne will be available for purchase in vst-glassware750 mL bottles and Herbal Pilsner will be on draft for tasting at the event. In addition to these great beers, Kenny’s Farmhouse Cheese is sending some of their award winning cheese to sample. Kenny’s is the OG of great cheese in this area and WMWLM has a great selection of their offerings. I’m sure John will do a great job of pairing them with Alex’s beers.

Now, to the giveaway!  WMWLM has graciously offered Tennessee Maltz a $25 gift certificate and this piece of VonSeitz Theoreticales glassware to give away (photo courtesy of Hennessey Newton). To win this glass and gift certificate, you just need to follow us both on Instagram (@TennesseeMaltz and @wmwlm), like this post, and tag three friends on it. That’s all it takes! The contest ends on Friday at noon CST and I will select a winner soon thereafter. Good luck and don’t miss this great event at WMWLM on Friday!



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