Shift Beers with Biscuit Love’s Karl Worley

Today’s post marks the beginning of the first series here on Tennessee Maltz.  As I tried to brainstorm ideas and determine the direction in which this blog would go, my dear friend Matty Hargrove threw out an idea. Matty suggested that I ask my chef friends a couple questions about their personal experiences with beer. As with most thoughts from Mr. Hargrove, I immediately loved the idea. Nothing complicated or over thought here. Just straight answers in their own words. I know how busy chefs are and how crazy their hours can be, so I didn’t want to take up to much of their time or be a burden. Matty and I eventually agreed upon two questions:

  1. What is your most memorable beer experience?
  2. What is your desert island beer?

For the first Shift Beer entry, Biscuit Love’s Karl Worley was the only Karl Truckchoice. Karl and I met just over 5 years ago, a few months before Karl and his wife, Sarah, rolled out the Biscuit Love Truck. The moment I met Karl in person, he handed me my first 6 pack of Hopslam and the rest was history. Karl quickly became one of my closest friends and and we consider the Worleys family.  He even named a (short-lived) biscuit, The T. Oliver, after my son when he was born in 2012. When the Worley’s opened Biscuit Love Brunch in the Gulch, Karl asked me to select the beers and it has been nothing but an honor to head the Biscuit Love Beer Board as the Worley’s restaurant family grows. With the Worley’s 2nd brick and mortar restaurant opening in Hillsboro Village in May, Karl is busier than ever, but was able to take a little time for Tennessee Maltz to answer our Shift Beer questions. Here’s what Karl had to say:

“My most memorable beer experience is when I would finish with shifts late night on the truck and would come and have a beer with you while you brewed. Not only was it some great beer but more importantly it was the act of drinking something really special while sharing life. I know it sounds like a Sunday school answer…but it is my best beer memory.

Desert Island Beer – Blackberry Farm Classic Saison – It is my jam. I think it is the perfect beer, and I believe people would find me to drink it with me on that desert island…it’s that good!”

BLB Board

(Photo: Nathan Wilburn)


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