M.L.Rose The Great Horned Owl Release and Brew at the Zoo Giveaway

For the second year, our friends at M.L.Rose have collaborated with Jackalope Brewing Company to create a special beer to celebrate their sponsorship of Brew at the Zoo. The Great Horned Owl, a 6.0% ABV dunkelweiss dark wheat ale, will be tapped during release parties at M.L.Rose’s Melrose (2535 8th Ave S #107, Nashville, TN 37204) and Sylvan Park (4408 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, TN 37209) locations on Thursday, June 1st from 3-6 PM.  M.L.Rose will be giving away Jackalope swaGreat Horned Owl Tapping Party 2017_Social Media[6372]g, as well as a pair of tickets to Friday’s 6th Annual Brew at The Zoo presented by M.L.Rose.  This event is a great way to see the ever expanding Nashville Zoo and enjoy some outstanding beers on what is shaping up to be a fantastic evening.

Tennessee Maltz has also received a copy of M.L.Rose’s new Summer Beer Menu.  M.L.Rose has always had one of the most well cultivated lists in Nashville and this edition certainly lives up to that reputation. There are some great offerings for the hopheads, including the highly sought after Homestyle from Germantown’s Bearded Iris Brewing. For the DFH fans, there’s 60 Minute IPA in the bottle, 90 Minute IPA on draft, and a keg of 120 Minute IPA that will be tapped at a later date. Beyond these great hop forward beers, M.L.Rose truly has something for every beer drinker. Take a look at the new beer menu here.

In addition BATZto the 2 pairs of tickets being given away a tomorrow’s The Great Horned Owl release parties, Tennessee Maltz is also giving away a pair of tickets to Friday’s Brew at the Zoo presented by M.L.Rose.  With animals, live music, and some of Nashville’s finest food trucks, this is always one of the year’s best events. It’s organized by our good friend Matt Leff of Rhizome Productions, so you know it will run smoothly and feature the best beers and breweries. As I mentioned earlier, the Nashville Zoo is always in a state of improvement and many new exhibits have been added recently. There’s really nothing like roaming around the zoo with your friends and some great beers. There are a few ways to enter the giveaway. You can simply comment below or head over to our Instagram for additional chances to win. We will give away the tickets at noon CST on Friday, June 2nd and email them to the winner soon thereafter. Thank you to M.L.Rose for graciously offering the tickets. If you don’t have good luck, tickets are still available for purchase here. Whatever you do, just don’t miss this unique craft beer event. Cheers!




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