Shift Beers with Nicky’s Coal Fired’s Tony Galzin

For the second post in our Shift Beer series, I


Photo credit: Danielle B. Atkins

reached out to my friend Tony Galzin of Nicky’s Coal Fired in Nashville’s The Nations neighborhood. I first met Tony and his wonderful wife, Caroline, when he was working as the pastry chef at Flyte, about 5 years ago.  I was immediately drawn to the Galzins’ love for and knowledge of beer. This was rare to see in Nashville’s dining scene, at that point. That passion combined with Tony’s love of fishing pretty much sealed the deal on our relationship.  It has been truly inspiring to watch the Galzins grow from their Sycamore and Deli House pop-ups, to the highly successful 51st Kitchen, and now on to Nicky’s Coal Fired. Since opening in December of 2016, Nicky’s has been one of the hottest restaurants in all of #ITcity. I asked Tony to participate a few weeks ago and I posed the same Shift Beer questions to Tony that I did to Karl Worley:


  1. What is your most memorable beer experience?
  2. What is your desert island beer?

As I said before, I want this to be as easy and painless as possible. These chefs work crazy hours and I deeply appreciate their willingness to give me just a few minutes of their time. Here is what Tony had to say:

“My most memorable beer experience is the first Belgian beer I drank in Belgium.

After college, my friend Dim and I went backpacking through Europe. We spent like 2 weeks in Belgium at one of his friend’s house, because he had met a bunch of people during his summer internship in Brussels. This dude worked at a bar in Waterloo, and we went there the first night. It was a Kasteel Brune served in the Kasteel castle mug. I probably still have the label somewhere.

My desert island beer is not as fancy.

Modelo Especial with a lime and salt. I love Mexican beers!  Especially if the desert island has a beach.”

– Tony Galzin




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