Angel’s Envy Barrel Aged Yazoo Rarity at Sinema – Tonight

Be sure to swing by Sinema (2600 8th Ave S Suite 102, Nashville, TN 37204) on your way home from work this afternoon to taste Afternoon Envy, their collaboration with Angel’s Envy and Yazoo Brewing.  Brandon Jones brewed a 5% ABV brown ale for aging in a freshly emptied Angel’s Envy port/bourbon barrel. Brandon described the beer as: “A sessionable bourbon barrel aged brown ale. Toffee, caramel aromas/flavor with a brown sugar, vanilla and charred oak finish.” There are only 3 half barrels of this beer and I’m sure they won’t last long. Afternoon Envy will be tapped at 6 PM in the Sinema Lounge and Chef Kyle Patterson will offer a few menu items to pair with the beer. There also will be an Afternoon Envy/Angel’s Envy Boilermaker special.  This is inspiring, as I’ve been supporting the idea of Brandon Jones Boilermakers for some time now. You know y’all want rare barrel aged beer. Go get it.



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