Blackberry Farm Brewery Can Launch at Martin’s BBQ Downtown

Since starting production in 2011, IMG_20170704_171729_179[8413]Maryville’s Blackberry Farm Brewery has continually impressed with their corked and caged bottles. From fruited sours to Brett saisons, BFB’s 375 and 750 mL bottles are fantastic at home or in restaurants, but these formats haven’t been conducive to the outdoor lifestyle that so many Tennesseans hold dear.  Fans of BFB can now rejoice, as the brewery releases three new canned beers next week. BFB and Ajax Turner are hosting a launch party at Martin’s BBQ’s massive downtown outpost (410 4th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37201) on Monday and you’re invited. From 6-10 PM, the BFB team will be offering their first canned beers: Coyote Tactics IPA, TN Times Pilsner, and Screaming Cock Pale Ale. All three are available in beautiful 12 oz cans designed by artists who are friends of the Farm.

“Much like the beers, we wanted each label to have its own personality,” said Roy Milner, Blackberry Farm Brewery’s Chief Fermentation Officer. “Working with artists familiar with Blackberry Farm’s culture ties this project closer to the people that we interact with on the Farm. We want the cans to feel more youthful, bold, and in the moment. These new beers are meant to inspire recreating, connecting, and enjoying yourself and an active lifestyle.”

Blackberry Farm Brewery has partnered with St. Louis, MO’s Brew Hub to brew BFB’s canned beers at Brew Hub’s sprawling Lakeland, FL brewery.  Brew Hub was founded in 2012 and is already brewing with craft beer heavy hitters such as Decorah, IA’s Toppling Goliath and Tampa’s Cigar City Brewing. Brew Hub plans to have 5 regional breweries to serve smaller breweries across the country.

“We’re incredibly happy to be working alongside the team at Brew Hub to begin offering our new can line of beers. Their dedication to quality and attention to detail are second-to-none, and reflect the same passion and care that have been the foundation of our own brewing program since day one. It’s a natural fit and an exciting new chapter for our brewery,” said Roy.

Tennessee Maltz was lucky enough to drink these beers throughout the 4th of July holiday and they all lived up to what one would expect from BFB. I can’t wait to get these cans out on the river or to a tailgate. In the meantime, come drink (or keyhole) a few with me on Monday. Just the thought of pairing these great beers with Martin’s delectable smoked meats already has my mouth watering.



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